Disaster Recovery

If your records have been affected Winter leaks & weather, contact EMI Imaging.

EMI's patented process allows film to be dried without adhering to jackets!!!

EMI Imaging Microfilm Disaster Recovery Program Handling your water damage recovery can be easier than you think.

EMI's Microfilm Disaster Recovery Program 

Handling the disaster may be easier than you think. While every situation needs to be addressed individually, the following guidelines usually apply:
  • Time is critical - call EMI immediately at 1-855-559-4364 day or night, 7 days a week.
  • If the film is wet, do not dry it out. Maintain same level of moisture.
  • EMI can advise you on the proper disaster recovery action to ensure that the proper stabilization process is begun.
Should you have waterdamaged film, call EMI immediately at 1-855-559-4364. EMI will advise you on the proper disaster recovery plan. Time is critical when responding to film that has been exposed to water. Hours, even minutes can be crucial in making sure that the proper stabilization process is begun.

recovered jacketsA TEAM OF DEDICATED EXPERTS! EMI's lab in Stuart, Virginia has all of the resources and personnel necessary for a fast, professional response. One call is all it takes.

We will advise and assist in the stabilization process from the original call. EMI also has a disaster recovery team that can leave for your location within 1-2 hours from the onset, if large volumes are involved, circumstances warrant it, and/or this type of participation is desired.

Handling the disaster may be easier than you think. While every situation needs to be addressed individually, the following guideline usually applies: If the film is wet, do NOT dry it out! Maintain the same level of moisture content until each item is dried individually. When water invades microfilm jackets, EMI has a patented disaster recovery process that includes pressurized air/heat drying of the microfilm jackets, with the film still inside of the jacket, in a way that does not adhere the film to the jacket.

Adhering film to the jacket can result in a large percentage of images lost-20% or more is not uncommon. This is due to wrinkles in the jacket obscuring information on the images. Also, each time the film is reviewed or retrieved, any slight bending of the jacket can and usually does result in breaking the emulsion on the film, creating an even greater los s of

emi patented processEMI's process prevents scratching of the film. It also allows the film to retain proper moisture content, keeping the film pliable and flexible. Each strip of film will move within the jacket when desired. EMI can also include replacing and indexing jackets should the jacket already be broken or whenever necessary.

EMI's patented process has allowed us to recently complete a project that involved approximately 25 million images and 460,000 4"x6" microfilm jackets recovered from extensive water damage with a success rate of 99.9%.
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